Dog Allergies and dog Itching problems solved

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If you have a dog that suffers from dog allergies or know someone who does, you will invariably know that dog itching does more than drive your dog insane.

This site looks at the core causes of dog allergies (food and environment), at symptoms and dog allergy solutions (treatments) in every form from traditional medicine to naturalistic.

A dog allergy is anything that over stimulates the dogs system. The usual visual signs are swelling of areas of skin, nose and eyes in particular. And like allergic reactions in humans can include coughing, rapid breathing and sneezing. Full blown dog allergies can cause intense discomfort or death but usually dogs are long suffering with a diminished quality of life.

Dog scratching dog itching dog unhappiness

Almost every dog has some form of allergy with the most simple symptom being dog itching, Without any other obvious physical intrusion cause such as a grass seed or parasite infection allergies can be very difficult to track down.

All you may know is that your dog itches a lot regardless of how gentle a shampoo and conditioner you use. If dog itching is strong enough and continual enough you will also get tell tale signs on light hair dogs of hair/ fur discoloration (browning) caused by the chemical in saliva dyeing the hair. But again this only confirms that the problem is sever, with usually no definite cause or solution in sight.

I created this site because I am in the dog industry AND I have a long suffering high allergy dog. This has caused me to hunt information through the years, and have mini successes with resolving the issues – almost to the point of cure. You will be surprised about what the common causes of dog allergy are and how long solutions can take to permanently take effect.

Not this is a real life, daily issue for me, this is not a side project of mine, any discomfort to my working dog directly causes me pain. This is not a folder on some random dog site, this WHOLE site is dedicated to helping those people with dogs unfortunate enough to have major and minor allergies.

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