dog allergy avoidanceThis sounds like a simple yet hard to do task.

But it always starts with knowing what your dog is allergic to in the first place. Once you have its main allergy causes sorted, you can start figuring out how to reduce exposure.

Common household allergens to reduce dog allergies

Common bedding/ clothing materials to avoid: kapok, wool, cotton, feathers,

Other allergens in the home: animal dander (from cats etc), newspaper, tobacco

If you dog isn’t allergic to any of these, that is great, however if they are you can always either remove these materials as much as possible or keep a dog in areas away from these things as much as possible.

Keeping an allergic dog outside

This might seem like a good idea to dogs that are allergic to most things inside a house, including dust mites in bedding. However many dogs that are allergic to common household materials are often allergic to pollen and grasses outside too.

I think that my dog is allergic to grass, but not all grasses. I walk him regularly in parks and that obviously increases his contact with grass every day. They say at home to keep grasses cut short so that they don’t flower and release their pollen etc (if your grass produces flowers etc).

When you get back from parks you can also wash your dogs feet and face and anywhere else they might have rolled or contacted grass.  But be aware of drying the cleaned area thoroughly as wet hair and skin promotes secondary infection such as bacterial and fungal which will make it easier for the allergic reaction to take hold.

Grass is a common allergen causing skin allergy, so if possible, try to minimize exposure.  Keep the grass cut short, and keep pets out of the yard when cutting the grass. Rinse your pet’s feet and face off thoroughly after being exposed to grass can be beneficial in some cases.


Mold allergies like dust mites are a common allergy for humans and dogs alike.

As for humans, more diligent dusting and cleaning is important.

Apparently house plants and bathroom carpets can be a big issue.

To reduce dust and mold many people are replacing carpets with wood floors.

Keeping your house allergy free

It seems like there is a lot more information out there now since many children suffer more allergies than their parents did.  Keeping your house dust free, pollen free, dry and mold free are always the best options.

There are HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters for central heating/ air-conditioning.