friendly cocker spaniel dogMan’s have their best friend are their dogs, unless the man allergic to his dog. Pet allergies are common; mostly it is common in the United States. There are 15 – 30 percent of people are affected (Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America). The allergies related to cats are as twice common in humans, and the dog’s allergic reactions are more severe than cats. Especially, with the asthma case. Dogs emit proteins that end up in their dander (dead skin), urine and saliva.

When a person with sensitive immune system reacts to these harmless proteins, an allergic reaction happens. Different produced by different breeds, so the probability of allergy to some dogs is more than others. Animal’s fur is a source of the allergy, as the allergy finds its way into animals fur. Animals hair are not itself allergen, but the dust and dander hold into the hairs is a source of allergy. Dog dander can remains for long periods of time in airborne. Eventually, it can find ways into lungs and eyes.


Novel allergy Treatment with Meat


Kangaroo is a truly free-range animal, and it is not farmed, unlike the beef, mutton, and chicken. The kangaroo meat is a quality item for consumption against the allergy. In fact, pet food with kangaroo meat is perfectly suitable for dogs. Kangaroo lived in an arid and very dry environment and considered as “Cooling meat,” and is ideal for treating allergies.


Salmon is a vibrant source of omega three fatty acids that are essentials for allergies. Salmon Oil is a great diet for your dog. Salmon have Omega 6 fatty acids and rich in omega three that support the immune system, anti-inflammatory properties and heart health and healthy skin.

The Omega 3 fatty acids are the long chain, and they contain 20 carbon atoms. These acids are important for the healthier cell membrane. Furthermore, long-chain acids provide supports to dog’s skin and coat, the risk of allergies decreases and help in the healing of wounds.


Duck meat is less common meat used for dogs. Duck meat is rich in iron and provides dogs with a lean and easy to digest protein source. Duck meat helps in building strong muscles due to they have a great source of amino acids.


While deer or venison meat has less source of proteins than beef and it also has less cholesterol and fat. It is an increasingly popular source of meat for commercial dog food. Also, Venison is a great source of Vitamin-B and minerals such as phosphorous, iron and zinc. It supports dogs to maintain their energy level, and many dogs also enjoy the taste.