dog intchiness and dogs that get itWhile it might be Sunny in Philadelphia a lot of the time (yes, hello to my locals and their dogs) be aware that its not only food and grasses that your dog can be allergic to and suffering from.

Recently I heard of a case where a dog that had many negative tests but kept getting welts on its stomach was found to have extreme sunburn. Yep lying in the sun will do that to humans and dogs alike.

It not always easy to track down the cause, but until you do, you are just slapping solutions on without a good understanding of what the underlying issue is.


Assuming that you have found the cause, now its time to treat the itchy affects for your dog.

Immediate relief can be found from using something like Maleseb on the paws in a diluted solution. You need to keep your dog still for around ten minutes while the medicated shampoo does its business but it can provide considerable relief to their itchy feet. Good shampoos take care of bacterial and fungal infections, so are ideal for many contact or food allergy issues that have weakened a dogs immunity to thet point that normally harmless bacteria and fungi start attacking the dogs paw pads.

Like- wise, once a week a maleseb shampoo all over their body can provide a lot of relief. If you wash them any more frequently you may remove too much oil from their coat and make them more itchy. They also recommend to use a medicated conditioner after the shampoo as it can dry the skin out a bit.

Use a low chemical toxicity moisturizer such as paw-paw extract on the affected areas, this has been known to work for a few dogs and is not toxic if ingested.

I have bought artificial grass for my dog. Not as a substitute for the real thing, but after his walk or a shampoo. This is because he often has an itch he wants to scratch on his ears, and the plastic grass gives a great relieve without adding any more itch causing particles to the equation.

The final option is of course to give your dog a good hand scratch on the head, neck and rump. It will make both of you feel better!

Thanks for stopping by – Jenny !