dog bedsDOG crates uses and value

The dog crates were invented in response to owners finding a way of house training their puppies, keeping them in one spot, and providing them with a warm soft area. Puppies pine the loss of their mother and their siblings, and unless you want your new dog howling, the dog crate can help a lot.

The dog crate is high enough that they can’t jump out, but also not fully enclosed. In fact it usually has no roof. The main aim is just to have enough blankets and pillows and clothing with smells on it so that the dogs can feel secure.

Dog beds are the next step in dog happiness

It is important for a dog to have its own bed, a place that is comfortable off of hard wooden or tiled floors. They can lie down safely here without being stepped on, they can bring their dog treats and eat on their bed. And when they have done something they should not do in the house, you train them to go back to their dog bed.

At night time it is great for a dog to have its own space, its own bed, as not only will it most likely sleep better and longer, you won’t step on them as easily if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

Dog Kennels and dog houses

This is the final outside extension of the dog bed. Of course you can just have a day bed outside, but it offers a dog no protection from the sun, wind and rain. The bedding is likely to wear fast and potentially get insects or bird poo over it. So while dogs don’t necessarily build dens, a dog house provides an all weather space where it can feel comfortable and do its own thing.

The main thing you need to consider besides insulation and leak proofing it and keeping it out of the wind, is making your dog aware that this is its own patch. Some dogs take a long time to get used to using a dog kennel, so providing your smelly clothes, and dog treats etc can help coax them into this. And just like dog beds, you will need to be prepared to regularly clean the dog kennel out so that it does not become a home for ants, fleas or other pests.

If your dog is more of an outside dog, a dog house or dog kennel becomes a much more critical factor in your dog’s happiness. Some dogs like to be watchdogs and have their kennel positions so that they can see any oncoming threats; others prefer to be away from any such excitement. Ensure that the house you buy has an easy lift off roof for cleaning, is well insulated and leak proof. It needs to be big enough so that your dog can turn around easily, but not too big so that wind can whistle through it.

One thing that many people neglect is additional cooling or heating in such an outdoor dog’s dog house. Almost irrespective of your climate, your dog will get too hot or cold at some stage. While the dog house should probably be in the shade, it can still get very hot inside, so you may consider buying one of the Peltier thermal devices – a mat that hooks up to a 12v supply that cools the blanket or flooring down. Likewise you can easily get dog beds with a thermal mat in them at heat the dog bed up to around 25 degrees Celsius for winter.

If your dogs bed and dog house are comfortable, you are more likely to have a settled, stable happy dog that can easily sleep at night. IF they are prone to chasing nocturnal animals or the bed is too lumpy or cold, you are going to have an unhappy dog that keeps the neighborhood up and makes you unhappy.

Putting a lot of thought into what kind of dog bed and dog house your dog needs, will be rewarded with a much happier dog.