dog pancreatitisLet me make it clear, most dogs don’t need hypoallergenic dog food.  And the reason is that most dogs have not been properly diagnosed for having a dog food allergy.

If you buy hypoallergenic dog food without knowing if your dog is allergic to any specific dog food, it is very unlikely that you will accidentally find a dog food that reduces your dogs symptoms.  What you will do is cut down on a lot of the nutrition they should be getting.

Hypoallergenic dog food just a rare type of meat, and a rare type of grain or vegetable.  It works on the assumption that your dog is probably allergic to one of the common meats or grains and so you feed it something else.  This kind of guessing would never be tolerated in the human medical world, but people are misinformed and buy expensive dog food products for their dogs all of the time based on hunches.

Dog pancreatitis and dog treats and dog food

Even more disturbing is what people do when they have their dog properly diagnosed with pancreatitis  (inflammation of the pancreas )

The reason that this blog looks at hypoallergenic food and dog pancreatitis is that they might not be that disconnected.  A dog gets a food allergy by over-reacting to a food protein then continually over reacting  producing too many histamines in its body.

Celiac disease is believed by some human sufferers to be caused by successive decades of human farmers purposely increasing the gluten in their wheat crops to make baking easier.

It is possible that a dog that is allergic to some dog foods is allergic to the grain just as much as they could be to the meat.

The reason I am talking about dog pancreatitis is that there are theories that dogs that have too much fat in their diet gain pancreatitis or fat dogs can get it.  BUT did you know others think that overloading a dog (carnivore) with grains (non meat products) are causing the outbreak of pancreatitis particularly in older dogs?

There is a science behind this, but consider this for a moment.  if a dog mostly eats dog food, and dog food is mostly grain.  and its apparently all specially made with exactly the right amount of fat in it, then how could these dogs be caused pancreatitis by the fat level alone ???

Overloading any species with an inappropriate food source, just because they can tolerate it for a while, or because its cheap to make and easy to make large profits off, doesn’t seem like the sensible way to go.

That is why we always recommend more meat in a dogs diet, and for Pete’s sake, if you are going to feed your dog treats, make sure they have NO grains or vegetable in them, or you are just asking for more disease to visit your dogs !