kangaroo-jerkyIts funny, for a long time people only thought about Australia because of Paul Hogan and his famous ‘throw a shrimp on the barbie’ advertising campaign in the 80’s.

And of course there was Mad Max and all the aussie actors, but who has time to fly to Australia?

Kangaroo Jerky

So you might be asking what’s Jenny from the block going to tell us about kangaroo that we don’t already know?

Well if you have read any of the California press releases over the last decade, you will see that they legislated against buying and selling roo in their fair state.

Why would they go to that bother?  Well it seems that someone decided to get involved in Australian political affairs and just didn’t like skippy that cute furry national symbol being put on California tables and in dog treats.   It leaves a lot of room for American meat being on the California table – but you know what – many American dog foods have imported grain and meat in them, so what is it about kangaroo – and why should you consider eating it yourself and giving it to your dogs?

Sure protect American industry at all costs, but since America exports a lot of meat, why stop this import?  Well it seems some people were not happy with importing something so cute.  In Australia kangaroos are considered in plague proportions with over 30 million of them around the country.  Quotas are assigned each year to cull about 1 million of the animals, but only 300,000 are shot in any one year.   And still the numbers are not appreciably declining.

Australia is fairly particular on its quarantine laws, because they protect their local animals. Only those that the scientists see are over populating are culled.  They are culled because they have increased in numbers by feeding on farms on the outskirts, but when there is a drought they will often suffer a sad death by not getting the feed they need. And when populations are large they often drift onto roads causing horrific car crashes.

Let’s pretend that they know how to handle their own business and perhaps consider that very few or no other countries are trying to take some moral stand on their wildlife protection laws.

Why kangaroo Jerky for your dog !

If you get past all of this politics you will then realize that roo is a very low fat, and its all good fat (omega 3 not saturated), high protein, organic meat based food that is great for humans and dogs alike.  Coming from Australia it is also likely to be cleaner than a lot of other country food stocks.

People in America buy wild salmon and bison for their dogs as an alternative clean food source but often look for something more exotic to extend their dogs palate and health.  Give their dogs a protein they have not had before, and make up for all that grain in their dog food.

If you are after something a little different that is one of the healthiest meat sources on earth for your dog, that is completely sustainable – then why not try kangaroo dog treats in all their various forms !?

Oh, and the reason why we are talking about Kangaroo Jerky is that its the 100% meat and the chewy part of the animal.  No bone or carbs or grains added.  its the prime cut for your dog !