Dogs and water, the vital connection

happy water fueled dog
Dogs and water, the vital connection Providing water for your dog when you both go OUT. Dogs love to drink from puddles or anywhere they can, but this can lead to upset stomachs or disease. You can’t regulate where your dog will drink off lead,...
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Does dog play make dogs happy?

People often say they don’t let their dog off lead, because it takes too much time, he gets plenty of exercise in his own yard or a myriad of excuses. But DOG PLAY is one of the most important things you can give a dog....
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What makes a dog happy? Discipline ! Part 2

Why not more affection than discipline? While this inherently sounds cruel, affection is inherently a human thing. When a child is naughty or doing something dangerous do you cuddle it and tell it that it is good? If you praise or give a dog too...
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