omega 3 WEBRecommended dosage of Omega 3 for my dog

One reference site puts the correct dog dosage as: Small dogs and cats should receive 200 mg once daily; medium sized dogs 200 mg twice daily; large breed dogs 200 mg three times daily; and giant breeds 200 mg four times daily.

Another site suggests your dog needs EPA in the amount of 20 mg per lb of body weight. And as 1 kg equals 2.2 pounds this means your dog needs 44 mg EPA per kilo of their body weight. A 20 kg dog should thus have 440 mg of EPA. As standard fish oil comes in a fixed ratio of EPA to DHA, all you need to remember is the EPA amount to give them.

Further tricks to the equation are that there are standard fish oil capsules from your chemist, and high density ones. The regular fish oil (Omega 3 only – no added vitamins etc) come in 1000 mg capsules that contain EPA 180 mg and DHA 120 mg. You will notice that this amount for a 20 kg dog (440 mg) is pretty much what the first reference suggested for medium sized dogs.

When will Omega 3 start working

This is the big questions for most people.

You will find that a dog that doesn’t have Omega 3, will firstly need for the dosage to lubricate all of the cells of its body, before you will notice and difference on its skin or coat. This can take up to three months. Also note that it is suggested that at least in the first month or two, that you give your dog the appropriate dose every day, then maybe have 1 to 3 days off per week once you hit the 3 month mark.

Over-dosing (marginally), is generally not considered a problem, the short term affect is that your dog will get diarrhea. The long term affect can cause organ damage, so don’t stray from the recommended dosage too much

Dog skin allergies and Omega 3 cure

Clinical trials have been show THAT “Omega-3 fatty acid-enriched diets can be used to control inflammation associated with dermatologic conditions.” In particular it has been very effective in the control of dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema

You see while Omega 3, can help in the prevention of cancer, arthritis and many other serious ailments, I and many other dog owners use it mainly because it stops massive skin allergies in our dogs. You see when my dog runs around on grass all day long, and he is part poodle, he has a strong allergic reaction. He is what they call a ‘face scrubber’.

Before Omega 3, he would have so much foot discomfort, hot spots etc, that he would lick the pads on his feet, until the blonde hair turned brown. Four brown feet, would mean regular trips to the vet for cortisone injections.

Now that has mostly stopped.

I cannot recommend Omega 3 dosage on an ongoing basis highly enough. I hope it works for you and your dog. Because if it keeps just one major ailment at bay during your dog’s life, then it surely is worth its very cheap purchase price.