happy lab dogIf you are a dog owner then it is a good chance that you know about the allergies in dogs. Educating yourself about the allergies in dogs can play a very important role in providing the best care for your beloved pet and in some cases safe its life. Two common type of allergies in dogs are to Rubber and Plastic.

Dogs Allergies to Rubber

There is a good chance that your dog may be allergic to natural or synthetic rubber. The intensity of allergies to rubber is higher in pets that they are in dogs but you can never take a risk in things related to health. Repeated exposure to such rubber materials and not treating them can potentially increase the risk of your dog getting sick.

These allergies are due to the use of different type of chemicals used in the manufacturing processes of rubber or sometimes your dog can be simply allergic to rubber. The allergy is caused by the inhalation or ingestion of microscopic rubber particles.

Dogs Allergies to Plastic

Allergens are very harmful to dogs and knowing your dog’s allergies is the first step towards being a good pet owner. You will always witness your dogs showing clear sign of symptoms of allergies whenever they are exposed to allergens. The chance of getting an allergy from plastic is when your dogs plays with plastic toys and eat or drink in a plastic bowl.

Overcoming Dogs Allergies to Rubber and Plastic

The most important thing to remember while trying to overcome your dog’s allergies to rubber and plastic is to know the symptoms that may arise due to these allergies. Educating yourself about the allergies will play a vital role in deciding the courses of action that you would require to follow in case of an allergy reaction in your dog due to rubber and plastic because the owners pet is the first line of defense for pet in these type of circumstances.

If your dog is allergic to plastic or rubber try to remove items made out of rubber and plastic from the area where your dog is freely moving. By removing such items, you will potentially end the risk of your dog being exposed to these materials resulting in a great decrease in chances of an allergic reaction.

Always educate yourself about the long-term problems that these allergies might create for you and your pet to face. This is going to help you understand the seriousness of the situation. Having perfect knowledge about the symptoms is important but educating yourself on the medications required to fight these allergies in case of a reaction is more important. It is a very uncertain and unforeseen situation that when will your dog might be exposed to rubber or plastic? So try to educate yourself about the medicines that are available in the market for such reactions so that you can provide first aid to your pet in case of a severe allergic reaction.

Disclaimer: This article is not written by a person from medical sciences or a vet and everything mentioned in the article is based on pure research.