dog antibioticsThe previous articles looked at the reasons why antibiotics are used to treat dogs with secondary infections

The reason that big pharmaceutical antibiotics are used to treat skin allergies on dogs, is that by the time an owner goes to a vet, an infection is usually too far advanced for light weight antibiotics, and the vet will prescribe stuff made by big corporations. They are after fast effective results and they are part of that system.

The problem with antibiotics is that they destroy the intestinal flora within dogs too, and that means that dogs can have malnutrition and the runs.  Some sites say that a single dose of some corporation antibiotics will permanently destroy the good bacteria even when probiotics are given after antibiotics.

And the issues is that sometimes a resistant strain of bacteria is then passed onto offspring meaning entire eco-systems can be resistant to common bacteria when it is over used.

We do not suggest avoiding prescription antibiotics when a vet prescribes them, but this article looks at alternatives before it gets to the stage of going to a vet.

Some common good dog antibiotics

Oregano oil –  This has been used in the poultry industry for years.  Being a herb, there are very low side affects.   Oregano contains ( carvacrol and thymol) powerful phenols that can destroy harmful bacteria , viruses, parasites and funguses.

Manuka honey is honey from bees from bees that visit the manuka tree in New Zealand and Australia.  It is the nectar made from the flowers of the manuka tree that has very good topical antibiotic properties.

Colloidal Silver – is supposed to strengthen the immune system and be an anti biotic.  It is just silver element in an appropriate liquid that gives it even distribution.

The function of the silver particles is supposed to be to do with its size and ability to   penetrate several bad things on a cellular level. It has been said and tested to destroy pathogens such as: bacteria, fungal, parasites, & viruses.

Plantain –

This plant based remedy is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The  Plantain plant contains allantoin, an anti-inflammatory phytochemical that aids wound healing by stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

It is also used to reduce itching while it is killing the bacteria.