hypoallergic-dogfood-medicines dogHypo allergic-dog food exists for a reason

Many owners with dogs that don’t have dog allergies think that hypo allergenic dog food is overkill or gourmet or organic just to increase the mark up. These are people who don’t have a dog that is itching all the time.

Hypo-allergenic dog treats food is not a cure in itself unless your dog has been positively diagnosed with a specific food allergy, and the food you are now feeding your dog has none of the ingredients that it is allergic to.

One big consideration in the feeding of an allergic dog, is whether it actually has a dog food allergy or an environment one such as a reaction to a certain plant or grass. There are many things that can cause allergies in dogs, so just being told by someone to avoid a given food is a very ordinarily way to diagnose the true problem. For some reason many people and some vets seem hell bent on telling people to avoid meat.

Did you know that dogs are evolved from wolves which are the ultimate carnivore? Yes in the taming of the wolf and evolution of the domestic canine, some of their digestive systems did become overly sensitive, but allergies to grains can also be a large dog food allergy.

Dog allergy medicine

The dog allergy medicine phrase is a catch all phrase for any substance that relieves the affects of dog allergies, often the first symptom resolved is dog itching and it is one of the most notable as the continual scratching happens until the skin is broken and red raw.

As pharmaceutical companies realize how lucrative the pet market is, they are now readily doing research on the topic and patenting anything they can to alleviate dog symptoms. And it is true that a devoted owner will pay anything to relieve the suffering of their dog. But until there is a universal 100% cure, there are many other options.

This site also explores the myriad of common household chemicals and other substances that can provide short or long term reduction or eradication of dog allergies.