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It is possible that in the future we will “automatically collect IP addresses and Web site usage information from you when you visit our Web site”. If we did that, it would only be so the “information helps us evaluate how our visitors use and navigate our Web pages on an aggregate basis.” This information is used only for our internal web trends analysis, and is never published or used to identify you in any way.

However chances are I we are just happy to give you information for your benefit.

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We promise that it is never sold, rented or leased to any third party. That would just be wrong.


Just like my alleged Privacy Policy, My disclaimer Policy is exceedingly simple. Reason being, I am not selling anything and don’t expect you to use anything I say without verifying it at other sources. So here goes: The views expressed on this website are my own and do not reflect the views of anyone else (unless they are mentioned in the article). The opinions expressed by visitors on this site are theirs, not mine.

The information in this website is written based on personal experiences. You are free to use the information on this site but I am NOT responsible and will not compensate to you if you EVER happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of this information.

My intentions are for you to have the best and happiest dog you can (while not decreasing anyone else’s enjoyment).