ATOPY dog allergyThis is a back to basics article. We have spent a lot of time on this site looking at the causes, treatments and many specific parts of dog allergies but a lot of owners still get it wrong.

Dog food companies are happy to sell you very expensive low allergy dog food, but this makes no sense when A – you dont know if your dog has a food allergy and B – what kind of food allergy it is.

Plain and simple, some dog breeds are predisposed to getting dog allergies. ATOPY (dog allergy mechanism) is a “genetically determined predisposition to produce IgE antibodies” when exposed to an allergen (often grass, weeds, something in the air).

It is the dogs body that produces the IgE antibodies that starts teh whole body’s over reaction to the believed intruder that causes the body to react and show skin allergy conditions or runny poo.

Once the body has gotten used to producing the IgE antibodies, re-exposure to the SAME allergen causes allergic skin disease that gets into a run away mode. The body thinks it is doing the right thing by responding to the intruder but it is just over doing it – it is acting unnecessarily

Here is the big thing to know – it is estimated that between 3% & 15% of dogs have atopy.

and of course this is in the full spectrum to near death consequences to almost no symptom.

What are common causes of dog allergy ATOPY?

  • pollen,
  • house dust and house dust mites,
  • mold
  • animal dander,
  • feathers inside the house.
  • grasses, trees, and shrubs. ragweed,

HOW DOES A DOG GET dog allergens into them?

  • inhaled,
  • pass through the pads of the feet,

Why is ATOPY dog allergies important to owners?

We already know that around 10% of dogs have ATOPY method of dog allergy.

If a dog allergy is not caused by fleas or mites or any parasite then Of that ten percent ATOPY is cause for about 90% of the allergies that cause allergic dermatitis.

This means that 9% or so of all dogs with allergies get it from the above substances that are either walked on, inhaled or eaten (but not dog food allergies).

While some dogs can have food allergies these are moderately rare. So considering that your dog does not have fleas or mites, or some organ issue there is a big chance that their allergic reaction is ATOPY caused by an inanimate substance their body has created a reaction to, something in their daily environment that their immune system is over reacting to.

Now it is your job to find it.