a dog fixed with omega 3 oilHumans are simple creatures. The 21st century means that while many people have dogs, they dont know what to do with them.  People are connected online all of the time, but not in real life with each other, so what chance does a dog have?

Recently I had a client who had a dog that got attacked.  For weeks I saw them chain their dog to its dog house in the front yard and leave the big car gate wide open. It was obviously an accident waiting to happen, but they just didnt think.

The reason that I am mentioning this in a dog blog is that if you feed yoyr dog regular pellets or wet food and leave it in the back yard like a statue, you are really limiting its health and its auto immune system.

The same food over and over, particularly man made will offer nothing new to its body. It will have no living enzymes to speak of and mostly grain protein so it wont have the ability to use all of the amino acids.

Chances are these typical people dont walk their dog more than once a week, so it wont explore and eat stuff and build up resistance.  It might get groomed twice a year if its coat is non shedding and this will lead to them not knowing if the dog has parasites on its skin.

The worst thing about feeding the same man made food or any change to more man made grain kibble is that this has the regulation Omega 6 in it (because its aafco dog food law) but there is NO LAW about Omega 3 levels.

If you have reviewed the excellent Omega 3 articles on this site already, you will know that not only is it critical to get the right AMOUNTS of omega 6 and 3.  But you need the right ratio, and the right source.

Omega 3 gained from vegetable source, which is usually the only source used for dog food – so it doesn’t go rancid in transport and storage is of little value. It is not bio-available because it starts in a form HIGHER in chemical state than what the dog can start to use – such as via fish oil. That means by the time it is converted into epa and dha (like in fish oil) it is a lot lower in concentration.

Omega 3 amount is critical for dogs with skin allergies. The vast amount of dogs improve on using it for brain function, skin condition etc … so even if it doesnt noticeably improve a skin allergy after 3 months, it is still very useful to give your dog it.