dog-skin-problemsDog allergy fixes I learned from my dog

Something that you should be aware about with a strongly allergic dog is that besides having a long suffering life and potentially compromising how long they live. If they have a strong allergy to one or two things, they may have allergies to almost all the things that cause allergies in dogs.

Hypersensitivity in my dog

Some breeds of dogs are ultra reactive to almost everything, and I will go through that list later in this site. But you should be aware that a primary allergy can compromise a dogs immune system so much that not only will it react to every kind of common allergy trigger it will get secondary fungal and bacteria invasions.

I only found out my dog had allergies because it was liking its paws a lot one day, and they were all brown, I thought they were always brown, part of the dogs coloring, but when I took him in for a check up for sore and smelly ears I was told that fixing the foot licking issues were vital to fighting his very bad ear infection.

The trail of symptoms read like the full list that I have provided in a previous article.

He has always been itchy scratching his head with his rear foot, but he has always had flea mediation and never seemed to have had fleas.

He will expel gunk from his eyes on a regular bases that I pick off as soon as I can.

There is a constant battle between him licking his feet and scratching his ears. For the most part I have used Omega 3 oils to control the over sensitivity, but not to prevent the cause (still unknown). As you will read elsewhere on this site Omega 3 and Omega 6 amounts and ratios are vital for allergic dogs. And you wont get a positive calming of the allergy until at least 3-4 months usually.

Yes dog food has omega 6 and 3 in it, but the omega 3 version is by flax seed (as it is more stable than fish oil) but it doesn’t convert as readily to the chemicals that the dog requires to use so it effectively is a very low dose of omega 3 and the catalyst action of this oil doesn’t spark omega 6 into action. Instead Omega 6 can then act as an inflammatory on its own and make things worse.

During hay-fever season from different years, my dog has had sneezing attacks and increased scratching, that anti histamines have helped (perhaps). These sneezing fits are so violent he almost hits his head on the ground when he has one.

I feed my dog on a raw meat diet with a little kibble for fiber for solid stools. Without the fiber he often has diarrhea, which could be an allergy reaction, or the lack of fiber in a mostly meat diet.

As you can see there are many balls in the air and areas of concern for my dogs allergies.

The one thing I know is that the Omega 3 and 6 intake has helped massively. That he has always scratched his ears, and when the feet get bad enough to stain from saliva, his ears are close to getting infections, and have to be treated with vet mild acid solutions or diluted medicated shampoo (more on that in later articles).