Dog skin problems

dog-skin-problemsDog skin problems from allergic reactions

There is a reason why I added the second part of the above title. NOT all dog skin problems are caused by allergic reactions, so they can’t be cured by traditional dog allergy potions.

Your dog may get some skin relief from a medication aimed at resolving an allergy issue, but that will usually just mask the real problem. For instance Any skin conditioner that is safe for dogs, will soothe the skin but wont resolve what caused it nor nullify the effects until the lotion is applied again.

And dog skin problems is a very wide category and can look and feel very different depending on the allergen, the stage that the hyper sensitivity is in, and even the dog breed. That is why I have created a separate category for posts that are mainly about dog skin issues to do with allergens. Makes it much easier for you to look up.

The standard default disclaimer is very relevant to any site aiming to doll out medical advice. Even if I was a vet and I could skype you about your dog, diagnosis always works far better whether patient is in the room and all diagnostic tools are available. So no matter what you read on this site or any other site about dog allergies, please ensure that you see a dog allergy specialist and get proper testing done before you try to remedy anything.

Dog allergies v Dog allergic reactions

with any site that is going to give you any useful medical information, the more deep you go, the more likely you are going to use more complex medical terms, and so it is with this site. I am not a doctor so I won’t necessarily dazzle you with my knowledge, but I am good at presenting information in easy to understand terms.

Dog allergies are usually focused on the specific physical component that is causing the allergy. And even narrowing it down to a food problem or a grass issue can be useful in finding solutions. Dog allergic reactions information is focused on what physical manifestation is happening on your dog internally and externally. Kangaroo dog treats can help with dog allergies.

Be aware that some people will tell you if a dog allergic reaction is a seasonal issue that you should just try and reduce the affect. But as a dog ages, or it gets sick with some other problem, you may find the compound affect of an allergy reaction can have more than simply an annoyance to your dog.   This is why 100% resolution of an allergy is vital, early on in a dog’s life. For instance while a dog may itch on its abdomen and scratch it with its rear foot (an allergy reaction), allergy reactions in a certain areas such as the foot can diminish the whole of the dog’s ability to fight the allergen and cause chronic ear infections. In some cases these ear infections have resulted in the removal of ear drums which can be a major safety concern for the dog for life.